This Week In Kids Who Are Smarter Than You


Carson Huey-You is 11 years old and started his freshman year of college at Texas Christian University this week, at an age when most kids wouldn’t even be in middle school yet. He wants to be a quantum physicist. He speaks Mandarin, enjoys doing calculus for fun and if you care about these things, got a 1770 on his SATs.

Carson is excited about college. “It’s fun because it’s basically just like high school but in a big campus with a lot more people,” he says in one interview.

Carson’s new-found fame has brought him face-to-face with some very excited peers, who are looking forward to joining him the classroom. For instance, this young man who introduced himself to Carson while wearing a “HORNY FOR LIFE” t-shirt. While “HORNY FOR LIFE” (the back says “We score more than you do!”) is a reference to the Horned Frog, TCU’s mascot and the t-shirt is a clear play on words, it’s safe to assume that if HORNY FOR LIFE had known he was meeting Carson, he might have chosen a different shirt with which to express his school spirit.

Though in the words of freshman and wise sage Ke’Arrius Brunson, “We are all Frogs on the inside.”

[The Star-Telegram via Austinist]

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