This Week In Tabloids: Veiled Vows For Chris And Rihanna


Welcome to Midweek Madness, in which we attempt to piece together actual news from the celebrity tabloids. This week, most covers featured Rihanna and Chris Brown’s reported reunion, with Star claiming that they got married.

Life & Style
“Finally, A Baby!” The only cover not to focus on Rihanna features an absurd story that claims Jennifer Aniston is trying to get pregnant because she’s been visiting Dr. Mary C. Kerr, the “ob-gyn to the stars.” She’s so serious about having a baby that she invited Kerr to her birthday party, since everyone knows socializing with your doctor increases your fertility. Except, she’s been seeing Kerr for years and the doctor was probably at the party because she’s married to the producer of Jen’s next movie. Moving on: Poor Gisele Bundchen. Before her wedding to Tom Brady she was forced to use the public bathrooms in the elementary school attached to the church. A student reports, “she was laughing and looked happy.” Rihanna took Chris Brown back partly because she cares about him, and partly “because she can’t bear the thought of him with another girl.” An insider says, “Rihanna’s promised to do everything she can to get Chris off the hook legally … She’s even instructed family members to speak out in full support of her decision.” Her team is worried fans will turn on her for taking him back, but she won’t listen to anyone. Next: Here’s an update on Robert Pattinson’s terribly tragic life. He’s been flirting with every girl he comes into contact with, and a friend says, “He goes home with a lot of different girls.” But the pal adds: “He’s not sure who wants to date him for him – and who wants to date him just because he’s famous.” The next story is pretty much summed up in the title: “Britney begs: Daddy, set me free!” Dr. Drew and his wife Susan, who are the parents of triplets, have reached out to Nadya Suleman. They dropped off a case of powdered Similac and 400 diapers. But, they say that doesn’t mean they agree with what Suleman did. Doug Reinhardt bought Paris Hilton a $10,000 dog. Beyonce, Gisele Bundchen, and Kim Kardashian like spicy food, and the magazine claims it’s because hot food speeds up your metabolism. Finally, Dr. Rey’s heinous casebook asks, “Who has the best chest in Hollywood?” The bad doctor says Kim Kardashian’s 34Ds are “fabulous,” but Sarah Jessica Parker’s 34Cs looked “squished” at the Oscars. Also, Lauren Conrad would look better with Nicole Richie’s boobs. (Fig. 1)
Grade: F (Flipping over the game board in disgust)

Though this cover promises “exclusive first photos of Rihanna in Miami with Chris,” the lone picture of the couple at the Miami airport is so blurry that none of their facial features are distinguishable. (Fig. 2) The blobs may be holding hands, but the mag helpfully drew a giant arrow on the pictures so even that’s unclear. The accompanying article talks about how Diddy felt compelled to help the two lovebirds out because, according to a friend of Diddy’s, “While he doesn’t condone Chris’s behavior, he believes people make mistakes and that everyone deserves a second chance.” Also, Chris is recording his next CD and a friend reports, “He’s been writing the things bottled up in his mind.” Ugh. Moving on: Jennifer Aniston told OK! “I am totally over Brad.” Who knows when she said it, but according to the mag, Angie and Jen’s Oscar night non-run in “brought a sense of closure that could not be achieved in the near half-decade of coy quips.” Jeremy Piven was spotted eating calamari salad and tuna tartare. In the story “NO Engagement Ring For Jess” the mag prints this sentence: “Tony Romo refuses to ‘put a ring on it.'” Finally, there’s a two page spread titled, “Is LC the New Jen?” Both Lauren Conrad and Jennifer Aniston have had their heart broken, love the beach, and date their co-stars. So obviously, that’s a yes.
Grade: D- (Missing puzzle pieces)

“Rihanna Her Side” mostly reveals how upset her friends and family are about her decision to take Chris Brown back. One disgusted friend says Chris gave her a diamond bracelet. “It’s his way of saying sorry. She’s worth more than that,” says the friend. Rihanna’s mom, Beyonce, and Oprah have reached out to Rihanna but she’s not listening. Jay-Z is trying to set up a meeting for her with Tina Turner. Another insider says Rihanna is using makeup to cover up her injuries and she thinks her nose is uneven now so she’s considering a nose job. Us notes that while last week, Star claimed that Rihanna is pregnant, they could only find one source to confirm the story, saying, “they have been talking nonstop because she’s expecting and trying to figure out what to do with the baby.” In an exclusive interview, Lauren Conrad talks about leaving The Hills and as the mag says, “hanging up her headband.” Gisele Bundchen didn’t tell anyone in her family about her secret wedding to Tom Brady. A source says, “many of us are angry.” Bridget Moynahan is also annoyed because Tom didn’t tell her he was taking their son to his wedding when he picked him up, and Bridget introduced him to the church they got married at, and she still goes there. On the bright side, Gisele wore a custom designed Dolce & Gabanna gown and the mag has a blurry picture. (Fig. 3) Finally, there is a 47 question crossword puzzle devoted entirely to Jennifer Aniston. Here’s 32 down: Four letters, “Jen’s breasts are ____”
Grade: D (Dog eating your Monopoly money)

In Touch
In “Why We Got Back Together” an insider describes Chris and Rihanna’s reunion: “They were crying and hugging and kissing. It was a tender moment. You can tell they are really in love, in spite of what may have happened. Chris kept saying over and over again how much he loves her.” Though they were at Sean Combs Miami mansion, a friend insists Diddy didn’t try to reunite Chris and Rihanna saying, “He had nothing to do with it.” So, they just broke in to his house? A sidebar says: “Fans are disappointed with Rihanna.” Fans like those on JEZEBEL.COM. (Fig. 4) We’ve finally arrived! Moving on: “Jon and Kate [of Plus 8 fame]’s marriage is falling apart.” Jon has been spending time at his mom’s house three hours from his home with Kate, and partying with local college kids. He was overheard telling a girl he was hitting on, “we might be getting a divorce,” and, “Kate is a bitch. She’s so compulsive and Type A.” Jennifer Aniston checked into a Paris hotel she stayed at five years ago with Brad, because clearly she’s still in love with him. Portia de Rossi says that she and Ellen are not trying to get pregnant. It “could not be further from the truth,” she says. “The IVF story was just completely made up.” Dina Lohan and Lindsay’s friends are planning an intervention to urge her to go back to rehab. A witness says she’s a “walking skeleton” and she’s been partying non-stop, accompanying Sam to DJ gigs. “Lindsay has always said her issue was not with alcohol, so she is fine to drink,” says a friend, “she thinks she can control it.” Next: Brad and Angelina’s brood is “getting in the way of the romance.” Were you aware that Angelina isn’t as sexy as she once was? (Fig. 5) Nicole Kidman was wearing a loose fitting dress, so she must be pregnant. It’s the same logic behind the full page diagram “Pizza or Pregnant.” (Fig. 6)
Grade: C- (Spilling Scrabble tiles on the floor)

SECRET WEDDING! Chris “literally fell to his knees,” tearfully apologizing when he was first reunited with Rihanna. An insider says, “He tenderly wiped [her tears] away and kissed her face, which was still slightly bruised. He just kept whispering, ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry.'” Yes, the mag actually gives a romanticized account of their reunion. Another source says he told her she was his “queen” and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him. The mag writes: “She saw remorse in his eyes and accepted his apology and proposal on the spot.” They exchanged vows before a priest, and though the wedding wasn’t exactly legal, they are planning to have another ceremony soon. Also, the mag zooms in on an often reprinted photo of Rihanna on the red carpet the day before the beating, revealing that she had a suspicious cut on her wrist at the time. (Fig. 7) Moving on: Salma Hayek married Francois-Henri Pinault because she wants to have another baby. An insider says Pinault, “adores [their daughter] Valentina. But he cherishes his freedom. He doesn’t want to be tied down with dirty diapers and late-night feedings.” Their solution was to get married, on the condition that Salma be the primary caregiver to both the kids and live in L.A. while he stays in Paris. Oprah is turning to hypnotism to lost weight. “While in an trance, Oprah will be asked to recall childhood memories of the first time she was tempted by fattening goodies.” Blind item: Which pretty twenty-something actress recently got dumped by her reality TV star boyfriend – and consoled herself by jumping into bed with another small-screen hunk? More on “Jon – Minus Kate, Plus 8.” In addition to partying with college students on several occasions, Jon Gosselin went out to dinner with his mom and demanded a different waitress because he wanted another woman who was younger and more attractive. Jon’s mom flipped when he started flirting with a divorced woman at the bar and was overheard saying, “Stop acting like a fool. I will not cover for you!” Jon left with the woman, but they got into a fight at a nearby bar and he left her “crying hysterically.” Next: Though Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have called off their engagement, she slept at the house they shared for two nights after they officially split. A friend says: “Megan can’t cut Brian out of her life cold turkey because the sex is too good!” In closing, the six page story “Look Who’s Twittering Now!” delves into the social networking habits of John Mayer, Lance Armstrong, Lily Allen, and admitted Twitter addict Ashton Kutcher.
Grade: C (Cramming extra kids into your car in the Game of Life)

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