Tiffany Moon Not Leaving Real Housewives of Dallas, Despite Reports [Updated]

Tiffany Moon Not Leaving Real Housewives of Dallas, Despite Reports [Updated]
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This will be the final season I ever watch of The Real Housewives of Dallas, now that the Season 5 reunion has wrapped and Dr. Tiffany Moon has apparently evacuated the premises. It was an unbelievable and at times excruciating season to sit through. Moon, like co-star Kary Brittingham, was subjected to the extremely racist actions of her co-stars with almost no intervention from Bravo or the producers there who witnessed it. At the reunion, co-star Kameron Westcott, a frontrunner in the show’s racist brigade, was given a more heroic edit, with Moon being portrayed by the narrative as a rude, snobbish aggressor.

The reason? She refused to take the words and actions of her co-stars lying down. She spoke up, she fought back, and now she has left, with the rest of the heinous cast mostly intact.

On Twitter Friday, Moon tweeted:

Page Six later reported that she had seemingly exited the show.

In the kerfuffle that preceded her first season, The Real Housewives of Dallas had to reckon with the deep-rooted racism in its cast members. It largely failed to do so, with LeeAnne Locken being fired for taunting Brittingham with racist insults both to her face and behind her back. At the reunion, Brittingham had a breakdown about the behavior she endured, while Locken sobbed and pleaded with co-stars to believe her when she said would change her ways.

Nobody believed her, and out Locken went. But her other co-star, Brandi Redmond, who had posted a video in which she openly mocked Asian people, got to keep her spot in the line-up.

Moon came into the show not as a person, at least as far as producers seemed to see her. Instead, she was treated as a plot device to usher along Redmond’s redemption arc. In early episodes, cast members hurriedly gathered around Redmond to convince her she wasn’t racist, and plead with Moon to sit down and talk with the woman and understand her side of the story. Instead of redemption, though, Redmond went on to make an enemy of Moon, at one point telling her that she was uncomfortable around her because every time she looked at Moon, she was reminded of her racist behavior—which made her feel bad about herself. Moon was stunned into silence, and the rest of her cast sat on, silent, refusing to rebuke the blatant aggression on display in front of them. “If she sees me and it reminds her of her video and all the negativity that she got from it, that’s not my problem,” Moon told producers, adding that she “cannot change that I am Asian” and if Brandi is uncomfortable around her, “that’s your problem.”

In interviews throughout the season, Moon was as open as she was on the show. During an interview with Vice, she explained her approach to dealing with Redmond and the castmates:

I felt responsible to let her and these other women know that this isn’t just some abstract concept, because they’ve never dealt with it in their lives, or probably have close friends who’ve dealt with it. I thought maybe if they see me as a real person with real feelings and a real family who has dealt with this, they’ll get it. I just wanted them to get it, and I’m not sure that they did.”

Somewhat foreshadowing her apparent exit, she also told Vice: “The amount of negativity and just being picked on and, you know, one person can do this but then if I say it, it’s like, all claws out for Tiffany. And it just felt like, why would I find myself to participate in something that was so toxic to me?”

I simply cannot muster up reason to give The Real Housewives of Dallas even a second more of my time, save for Moon’s appearances on it. The cast it has chosen to double down on is a racist mess, and producers and Bravo should be ashamed of themselves for the monsters they let run rampant for multiple seasons now.

Update, 12:30 p.m.: Despite initial reports from Page Six and other outlets, Dr. Tiffany Moon has not left The Real Housewives of Dallas. Her publicist confirmed to ET: “The rumors of her leaving the show are not true.”

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