Tired Of the Presidential Election? Follow the Westeros Election Instead!


Pals, I’m tired. I suspect you are too. Following the U.S. presidential election has made me wonder if I’ve somehow been transported to Hieronymus Bosch’s vision of hell. So let’s follow the Westeros election instead!

According to Variety, HBO has launched this race for the Iron Throne as a means of promoting the sixth season of Game Of Thrones. The contenders are as follows: Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryan, Cersei Lannister, and Petyr Baelish. At the time of publication, Jon Snow boasted a substantial lead, with 59 percent of the vote. Daenerys followed with 32 percent. Baelish and Cersei trailed behind considerably.

You’ll want to make an informed decision, of course, so the Game Of Thrones crew has provided a thorough website with each candidate’s biography and platform. Daenerys prioritizes “female empowerment” and “rebuilding the dragon population.” Cersei understandably supports “separation of church and crown,” and Jon wants to be sure we “[prepare] for the long night” (and he’ll restore “inheritance rights to illegitimate children”). Baelish, well, he allegedly supports “small business growth,” but who can trust that shifty operator?

As you might suspect, Twitter is all a-flutter with discussion over this new political drama.

Okay, maybe Ghost’s vote isn’t much of a surprise.

Be sure, too, that you consider the running mates. Jon Snow might look sexy pouting on the Iron Throne, and Lyanna Mormont is certainly a formidable ally, but Daenerys is running with Tyrion Lannister. He might be one of the only people in the Seven Kingdoms who can go two days without making an apocalyptic mistake.

Watch the election video (posted above) and let your heart soar with the music. Forget—for a fleeting moment—the nauseating bellow of Donald J. Trump.

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