Top Trump Advisor Jenna Ellis Just Loves Being a Transphobic Bigot

Top Trump Advisor Jenna Ellis Just Loves Being a Transphobic Bigot
Screenshot:The Eric Metaxas Radio Show (Fair Use)

Would it surprise you even a little bit to learn that a top Trump campaign adviser is a homophobic and transphobic bigot, and spends what seems like significant parts of her day delighting in misgendering trans women? No? Me neither!

On Monday, Jenna Ellis, a senior legal adviser for Trump as well as his campaign–who is widely known for her homophobia, as well as her pronounced hatred of Muslims—decided to repeatedly misgender the state of Pennsylvania’s Health Secretary, Dr. Rachel Levine, a trans woman who has had to deal with an increase in noxious transphobia thrown her way since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic.

“This guy is making decisions about your health,” Ellis wrote in a tweet about Levine, linking to an article that details a different incident in which Levine was misgendered by a reporter, during which Levine had to politely ask the reporter, “Please don’t misgender me,” describing it as “really insulting.” Levine is clearly an extremely level-headed professional because I would have used some very different words!

After her initial tweet, Ellis decided to double-down on her transphobia, retweeting the chorus of rightwing assholes who chimed in to agree with her that bigotry is in fact good. In a statement she sent to the Washington Post, Ellis defended herself by falling back on what she called “scientific fact” and pinning the blame on “our post-truth society” and “progressive leftists.”

Yaaaaaawn. Is anyone else getting bored by these tired excuses these assholes come up with for being little pieces of shit?

No more Jennas in rightwing politics please, I beg of you!

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