Trailer For Miley Cyrus' So Undercover So Insults Your Intelligence


Well, it looks like So Undercover is Miss Congeniality for the One Direction set: “Grungy, schlubby” female detective (she wears flannel shirts) is given a makeover (specifically, the kind that always seems to merit a slow-motion ground-to-head-level camera tilt) and sent to infiltrate some kind of digsustingly patriarchal organization in order to solve a case. In Miley’s case, it is university Greek life.

In the process, Det. Grungy Schlubby will learn to appreciate all kinds of women and even when she goes back to the force she’ll have learned a better hair maintenance routine and blargle blargle blarg.

Some important questions we’re left with:

  • “Molly Morris isn’t your typical teenager,” says the Trailer Voice at the beginning. Where do they let people who can’t drink in bars yet become gun-carrying fuzz?
  • Would you accept a makeover from Jeremy Piven?
  • Why can’t this just star SNL player Vanessa Bayer as Miley Cyrus?
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