Trapper Keeper Makes Triumphant Return as iPad Case


A company is re-introducing a new version of Trapper Keepers for the digital age. Turn up the Kool and the Gang, because it’s time to celebrate.

You remember Trapper Keepers, don’t you? They were so rad! They kept everything you had in one place with a cool Velcro fastener. According to Mashable, you don’t have to rely on fuzzy junior high school memories anymore because Trapper Keepers are back:

[Kids and adults] in 2014 don’t really use loose-leaf notebook paper as much as they use laptops and tablets. Which is why Kensington has partnered with the good people at Mead (maker of the Trapper Keeper) to bring out a new Trapper Keeper aimed at 8-inch and 10-inch tablets. The designs are remnant of the classic Trapper Keeper and Pee Chee folder designs of the early 1980s. But instead of storing papers, it’s just a universal tablet case.
The 8-inch cases will be available for $25 and the 10-inch cases will be available for $30. They ship this September.

My only complaint so far is they seem to be severely lacking in depictions of unicorns or Ferraris. Mashable is also reporting Mead is also bringing back new versions of the Trapper Keeper for papers for those of you who still insist on living “off the grid.”

I couldn’t remember which Trapper Keepers I had as a kid so I called my mom to see if she might remember, but she really wasn’t much help (“What? That dumb thing? I have no idea. How am I supposed to remember that? Is this what you do for work now? Becky, you could have been a lawyer…”). Anyway, I’m pretty sure I had the one with the horses and this one with the kittens.

Image via Kensington.

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