Tribute To Old Hollywood Brings Fashion For The Occasion


It’s only fitting that the redux of the classic soapster Mildred Pierce should bring out Golden Age-level glam. And did it ever!

Kate Winslet is definitely skewing thematically retro in this Stella McCartney, which is fun, but then, they made dubious clothes 60 years ago, too…

Evan Rachel Wood embodies the film noir femme fatale in this all-stops-out plum wiggle dress.

“Hollywood Royalty” is a deeply asinine expression, but I’m just saying, when Jayne Mansfield’s your mother, there’s glamour in the genes.

Melissa Leo opts for pure drama.

A retro-perfect coif from Mare Winningham. Seriously, did they all plan this, or was it just in the air?

See, I just assumed Michael Sucsy was wearing a leg brace for some ailment…

Then I saw Ruthie Davis, and now I’m not sure.

Just as with Marin Ireland — tear or “slit?”

Gretchen Mol breaks ranks to go aggressively Art Nouveau.

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