Trump Memorialized John McCain on Instagram in the Most Trump Way Possible


Whether or not you think John McCain leaves behind a more complicated legacy than the one of a war hero and maverick that’s currently dominating the news cycle, you have to hand it to Donald Trump for offering his former political “adversary” (if voting with the Trump administration 83 percent of the time qualifies him as such) the above memorial Instagram post.

Normally, when eulogizing a dead person on social media, one tends to, say, include a photo of the deceased. But in Trump World, there is Only Trump, and so it seems whoever posted this decided a photo of Trump standing alone would suffice. Perhaps they thought it seemed somber, since he’s staring off into the distance, but more likely President Ego would prefer we remember that he is not dead and McCain is, and thus Trump has bested an enemy in this Game of Life.

On the other hand, the post is pretty much on-brand for Trump’s Instagram account, which, upon perusal, features a number of random photos of Trump paired with quotes and/or statistics that may or may not be made up. Take, for instance, this one:

And this one:

And my personal favorite:

In other Trump/McCain-related news, it’s still unclear whether Trump will respect McCain’s dying wish and skip his funeral. When a TMZ reporter asked Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders if Trump might show up, she answered, “I’ll keep you posted,” which is the exact same thing I say when I don’t want to get a drink with someone and pretend I’ll be working late.

Though Trump may not be in attendance, George W. Bush and Barack Obama will, and both have been asked to give eulogies, according to the New York Times. Plans for the funeral, which will be held at the Washington National Cathedral are still being finalized, but it’s been confirmed that McCain will lie in state at both the Arizona Capitol and the Capitol Rotunda, and will be buried in Annapolis, Maryland.

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