Twincest: Amber Rose Caught Wiz Khalifa in Threeway with Twin Sisters

Amber Rose walked in on Wiz Khalifa during a threeway with twins, according to a friend of hers.

Reports that Khalifa and Rose had already separated and were talking about ending their marriage when his infidelities took place, are TOTAL BULLSHIT, according to Peter Rosenberg, a DJ for Hot 97 and “confidant”
of Rose. On Tuesday, Rosenberg spoke on air about the shocking moment Amber walked in on the tryst. Via to the New York Post:

“Amber walked in on him with two women at the same time,” he said. “Twins, twin sisters, twin biological sisters.”
Rosenberg also showed a since-deleted Instagram post of the rapper with the twins, fashion designers Jas and Ness Rose.
Rosenberg also contradicted claims that Amber Rose stumbled across the infidelity at a residence that Khalifa acquired after moving out of the couple’s house.
“It was a home. It wasn’t some new home that was just his,” he said. “It was a home that he had. That she slept in. That’s how she got in. She had a key. This wasn’t some separate thing. It’s a place she goes to.”

Rosenberg also called the twins “pretty busted.” Like we said, love is dead.

[ New York Post]

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