Twins Spend $240K to Look More Alike, Share Boyfriend Who Is Also Twin


Anna and Lucy DeCinque share everything: A car, a job, a Facebook account. And now the identical twins, who have each undergone extensive surgeries to look even more alike share something even more special: A boyfriend.

Ben Byrne is a 31-year-old mechanic and fitness enthusiast who met the women on Facebook at the urging of mutual friends —¯(ツ)/¯— and now lives with the twins and their mother (who approves). Of course, they didn’t meet right away. Anna and Lucy report that they have trust issues and waited six months to actually meet in person to make sure that Ben was as real as he claimed to be. (That’s never worked for me, but I guess to each their own? I find that meeting within a week produces optimal results. That is my internet love advice for you today.) (Please invite me to your wedding.)

Byrne has been hiding from the spotlight since his relationship with the twins was reported earlier this year, but after living with them for the past 10 months he’s decided to speak out about what it’s like to date twins (and also was probably paid to do it, you know? I wouldn’t talk about that shit for free). It turns out that it’s not quite the fantasy that adult films would have you believe.

‘It’s my first time with two girlfriends, and to be honest it’s very difficult because it has to be 100 per cent even,’ Mr Byrne told Woman’s Day.
‘Whatever I do for one I have to do for the other, so it’s a fine balance. My mates reckon it’s a cool problem to have.’

But at the end of the day, it’s totally worth it, because Byrne says he gets double the love. And it’s a good thing he’s into fitness because Anna and Lucy say that any man that takes them on has to have double the energy. For things. Wink Wink. You get what I’m saying, right? (I’m saying they all fuck.) (Yay!)

What’s most interesting about the relationship is that Byrne is, himself, a twin, but so far he’s keeping both of his girlfriends to himself. (Let’s see how he feels when he sprains something, though.)

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