Twitter Unleashes Its Crappy Wrath on Random 'Skeletor' Model


Many of us would dearly love to see retailers using a more diverse array of body types when showcasing their clothing. However, please note that it is a dick move to pile onto a random model and call her a “skeletor ghost” because you think she’s unusually slim. That is not helpful.

Today reports on the “uproar” after Gap tweeted a photo of a particularly slender woman in a shirtdress, encouraging followers to “Dress up your days in pastel plaid.” And admittedly, she looked awfully cranky to be hawking casual-wear. But people responded with comments like, “Perhaps you could select models who represent regular gals & not a skeletor ghost” and “seriously she looks ill” and compared her to “a pencil in plaid.” Cheeseburgers were mentioned. Some suggested it was even outright “thinspiration.”

Yes, it sucks that the fashion industry basically ignores anybody who doesn’t fit some narrow ideal. But don’t take it out on some Gap model who already looks bummed to be wearing such a dingy plaid pattern.

Image via The Gap

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