Two Dumbasses Who Legit Deserve Each Other: Michelle Duggar to Stump for Todd Akin


Scarier than any horror film, it appears that Michelle Duggar, birther of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting, has thrown her official endorsement (what?) for Missouri state Senate behind liver-spotted infant Todd Akin. She previously hit the trail in support of the world’s foremost virgin father, Rick Santorum, so it makes total sense that she’d now use her copious amounts of free time to support another huge asshole woman-hater.

According to The Pitch, Duggar “will speak with [Mike] Huckabee’s wife, Janet, to ‘Women Standing with Todd Akin,’ a group the campaign set up following Akin’s legitimate-rape comments.” I’m looking forward to hearing what exactly is said at these events. On the Missouri Women Standing with Todd Akin website, there’s absolutely no information about who (or what!) they are. Unfortunately, from what I’ve read elsewhere, it doesn’t appear to be a totally rational group of self-aware women. At an event last month, The Guardian reports that one of Akin’s girls, Kelly Burrell, said she thinks science is a bit overrated:

Asked what she thought about the science behind Akin’s comments over a rape victim shutting down a potential pregnancy, Burrell said: “I’m not a scientist, but there are a lot of contradictions. There was a time in the world when scientist thought the world was flat. I don’t buy into science.”

Since Duggar also has some qualms with facts (Science: What’s that? Who’s he?) — she thinks overpopulation is a lie — I’m thinking she’s gonna be right at home with this merry band of truth-deniers. And finally: Her poor children!! I’m just happy that most of them aren’t old enough to vote, because I’m pretty sure that could throw the entire election right there.

Duggar family to stump for Todd Akin [The Pitch]

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