TX State Rep Asks Muslims to Renounce Terrorism, Pledge US Allegiance


Meet Molly White, the freshman representative from Texas who carries “rubber fetuses of different sizes in her car” to remind her—and I guess, anyone who gets in her car—of the dangers of abortion, and who is making news again because of a thoughtful message (via the Texas Tribune) she has for the Muslim community in Texas on this glorious winter day:

*Capitol, with an O, Molly.

Worth looking into, seeing as you are a state representative and everything.

Anyway, what’s Texas Muslim Capitol Day? It is not, as Molly White seems to think it is, a day to put an Israeli flag on your reception desk and ask all Muslims who cross the threshold to “renounce Islamic terrorist groups and publicly announce allegiance to America and our laws” as an explicit intimidation tactic.

Rather, Texas Muslim Capitol day is an interfaith lobby day where Muslim representatives urge lawmakers to, as their website says, “support issues that affect people of all faiths.”

Molly White would like to make it very clear that she will not be one of those lawmakers on whom the Muslim community in Texas can count. Are we sure they’re not terrorists? Let’s make them rattle off the Pledge of Allegiance, just in case.

Anyway, state representative Molly White is not alone in her feelings about this very suspicious-sounding Muslim religious holiday, likely a front to shoehorn in an agenda of immediate Sharia law. Protestors have greeted the lobbyists in grand reactionary style:

Namaste, everybody. Miss you, Texas. Been too long.

Images via Facebook/Shutterstock.

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