Tyra: The Menstrual Show


Today, Tyra dedicated an hour to “menstruation.” In September, she made a big deal about dedicating an hour to “periods.” What’s the difference? Not important! What’s important is the difference between “coochie” and “vagina,” which one woman asked Tyra today.

Actually, this episode about menstruation/vaginas was a lot better than Tyra’s previous efforts when she was speaking in simplistic terms to a group of 20 and 30-somethings about shit grown women should already know, because this time around, she was speaking in simplistic terms to a bunch of pubescent girls, and it really worked. The question and answer segments were way more specific, and touched on things that I actually remember being totally confused—but too embarrassed to talk—about when I was 13 or 14, like the question in the clip to the left about “the white stuff in your panties.” So there you have it. Tyra wins this round.

However, when this girl asked about the stinky funk during your period, I didn’t agree with the expert on the stage that said that the woman with who has said funk is the only one who can smell it. I’ve been able to smell other women’s stank before. And my gay male friends have told me that they can sometimes smell it too, at the gym, when they’re next to some girl on the elliptical. And whenever a gay man notices a vagina, it’s not really a good thing.

This lady was the best though. She told Tyra and the experts that she uses the world “coochie” with her 13-year-old daughter, and asked if it was appropriate. (I think it was “coochie.” It could’ve very well been “pussy,” but the Tyra logo covered her mouth when she said it.) Her daughter said she thinks it’s gross, and prefers the word “vagina.” At the end of the segment, Tyra got everyone in the room to say “vagina” in unison. I propose a movement: This should be something that women do once a day, at a certain hour, all across the world, just to fuck with every guy in the room. Also, according to experts, it will give us more confidence.

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