U of Michigan Introduces 'Nap Pods'; Rest of World Extremely Jealous


If humans do their best work after a good night’s sleep, then naps have to be included in there too, right? University of Michigan has taken that advice to the mattresses and invested in sleep pods for their students so they’ll never stop working. Go Blue!

Like Google, a company that provides fancy nap rooms with MetroNaps Energy Pods for their staff, complete with soothing music and an 20-minute-cycle alarm, Michigan, via Time, has moved from cots to Pods in their 24-7 Shapiro Undergraduate Library. Students like 21-year-old Ryan DeAngelis were passing out in the library anyway, so it’s kind to offer a real place to sleep instead of just a hard table.

“It forces you to stay there,” he adds. “You’re going to wake up in 20 minutes and keep working, but if you go back to the dorm, you’re tempted to fall asleep and then maybe procrastinate ‘till the morning.”

Napping is also pretty good for you and can boost your productivity, says Sara Mednick, assistant professor at University of California-Riverside and author of Take a Nap! Change Your Life. She told Time that sleepers get the most from 60-90 minutes naps taken 8-9 hours after waking up because your body goes through all of the sleep stages that keep your brain sharp.

Elsewhere, schools like Savannah College of Art and Design, Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi, James Madison University and more are joining the nap bandwagon too.

So we adults with full-time jobs can rally for safe, clean napping areas around places like New York City too, right? It’s for our health!

Image via University of Michigan.

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