U.S. Olympian Films Possible 'Wolf' in Her Sochi Dorm


Perhaps you’ve been awakened in the middle of the night by a possum or raccoon skulking about your porch. If so, you’ll relate to Kate Hansen, the American luger known for her slick pre-competition dance moves, who recently opened her door in Sochi to find a “wolf” prowling the halls.

Hansen, who more typically posts videos of herself doing the dougie or crashing, tweeted the video above (via the Daily NewsDaily News), adding simply, “Wolf in my hall?!?” That is a very large canine, and you cannot blame her for the whispered, “Oh my God.” Of course, as YouTube commenters point out—rationally, for once—it’s probably a husky, not actually a wolf.

However, it is very easy to armchair Attenborough from behind the safety of your computer screen, as opposed to when a strange beastie is wandering the halls of your hotel, presumably hunting snacks.

It’s really a travesty that Animal Planet didn’t send a couple of correspondents to Sochi.

Update: Inside Edition (?) is saying it was another damn Jimmy Kimmel stunt.

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