Uh, Okay: A Live Action Mulan Remake Is Happening


Disney is once again forcing us to relive our childhoods, this time with a live-action film version of Mulan.

If you’ll recall from your teen years, Mulan, which came out in 1998, is the story of an aspiring warrior woman who fakes her way into the army by dressing as a man. According to The Hollywood Reporter:

Disney has been on a roll with its live-action versions of its classic animated films. Cinderella, starring Lily James, has earned $336.2 million worldwide to date since hitting theaters three weeks ago. In 2010, the reimagined Alice in Wonderland grossed a staggering $1.02 billion and when Maleficent, starring Angelina Jolie as the iconic villainess, opened in May 2014, it went on to earn a stunning $758.4 million worldwide.

Given the success of the live-action Cinderella, we can expect Disney to continue running all of its classic fairytales into the ground, with forthcoming live remakes of The Jungle Book (2016), Beauty and the Beast (2017, with Emma Watson) and Dumbo.

Image via Disney

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