Unibrow In


Never a paper of record to shy-away from needlessly declaring something a trend, the New York Times would like you to know that unibrows—for men, at least—are now IN.

“Like Frida Kahlo, Bert of Sesame Street and George Harrison before them, a new generation is embracing the subversive charm of the unibrow,” reports NYT’s Max Berlinger. “In our overly plucked and supremely groomed world, there’s a rebelliousness to leaving the brow as nature intended. In some cultures, the unibrow—sometimes called a monobrow—is even seen as a sign of good luck, and for men, a signifier of virility and fertility.”

Here is an example of a handsome man with a unibrow, a signifier of virility and fertility:

It’s a relief to know that anything—from socks with sandals to eyebrows—can be a “trend” when found on a hot enough person.

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