Unicorn Pulls an OJ 


On Wednesday, Juliette, a white pony wearing a fake horn, decided she had had enough of her dead-end job (posing with children at a ranch in Madera Ranchos, California) and made a break for it, twice.

The first time Juliette attempted to jailbreak, her handler caught her. The second time, she succeeded.

CNN reports:

The family hosting the photo shoot alerted the California Highway Patrol, which spent hours trying to find the runaway pony.
The search became so desperate that the local police had to use a helicopter and thermal imaging to locate the pony, which was hiding out in an orchard.
A neighbor lured Juliette out of her hiding place with her own horse with whom the pony is familiar.

“No injuries were reported but there were several near misses (by cars),” said highway patrol officer Joshua McConnell to a local NBC affiliate. “No citations were issued in this case, but had the pony been hit by a car, it would have been a different story.”

Wait, so we have a white bronco, a chase involving the California Highway Patrol, and a Robert Kardashian figure? Give this unicorn (Juice-liette, anyone?) an FX miniseries!

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Screenshot from CNN.

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