University of Missouri Turmoil Inspires #blackoncampus on Twitter


In response to the controversy and violent threats surrounding the University of Missouri this month, the Twitter hashtag #BlackOnCampus was born.

Earlier this week, University of Missouri president Tim Wolfe stepped down. He was accused of mishandling racist incidents on campus—poop-smeared swastikas on dorm walls, for example—and was protested by a coalition that included a black student group called the Concerned 1950, a grad student named Jonathan Butler and the football team, who refused to play. Not long after Wolfe’s resignation, campus police arrested a person accused of leveling physical threats at the university’s black student population on the social platform YikYak.

Now, in grand Twitter style, the #BlackOnCampus hashtag has grown from a specific use at Mizzou into a larger snapshot of the black experience at college today. Everything from hair politics to the casual remarks black students endure in class have been covered. Here are a few of the entries:

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Images via Twitter and AP.

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