V. Stiviano Plans to Run America One Day


The paparazzi are driving V. Stiviano crazy. And so the woman who recorded LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s racist comments, which resulted in his lifetime ban from the NBA, had a strange moment on Tuesday.

She shared her plans for the future, according to the Post.

“One day, I will become president of the United States of America. And I will change the legislation and laws,” she said, according to video posted online. “Modern-day history. Civil-rights movement.”
Stiviano also agreed with one photographer’s compliment that she’s “bigger than Angelina Jolie,” but suggested she knew her 15 minutes of fame were ticking away.
“Just today, just today, guys,” Stiviano said after being compared to Brad Pitt’s Oscar-winning partner.

Earlier that afternoon, she took a roller-skating whirl around the $1.8 million condo Sterling gave her. Roller skates, guys. Stiviano’s given name is Vanessa Perez, but she legally changed her name in 2010, detailing in court papers that she was “born from a rape case and haven’t yet been fully accepted because of my race.”

Elsewhere, Stiviano’s friend Karrine Steffans — famous for sharing her own sexual exploits with rappers in her two memoirs — weighed in on the hub-bub during a Fox News interview.

“In such close proximity to power, it’s important to keep our heads and not let our emotions get involved,” Steffans said. “This scandal is even beyond something I would’ve done, it’s a little much. I make a habit of keeping the secrets of the most powerful men in my life and then leveraging that information, not leaking it.”

She encouraged Stiviano not to “take any bribes” and focus of “the legalities” of her situation, meaning the lawsuit Sterling’s wife Rochelle Sterling has filed against Stiviano in attempt to reclaim all of the gifts her husband gave his mistress. As we reported yesterday, Stiviano said, through her attorney, that she never released the tapes and is “sad” about Sterling’s predicament. But at least now she and her lawyer admit that they “have an idea” who might have.

Image via Instagram.

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