Vanderpump Rules Will Introduce a Bunch of New Nobodies Into Its Cast, Thank God

Vanderpump Rules Will Introduce a Bunch of New Nobodies Into Its Cast, Thank God

The best seasons of Vanderpump Rules are, bar none, the first few, when the show’s main protagonists were sloppy drunk all the time and still managed to (mostly) make it to their shifts waitressing the next day at SUR. Now that they’ve all gone on to experience real fame—and have launched all the t-shirt lines and makeup blog pseudo-jobs that accompany it—they’re no longer the young rapscallions fans once knew. So naturally, for Vanderpump Rules’s forthcoming eighth season, producers have reportedly decided to add in a bunch of new nobodies.

Historically, adding fresh blood into the mix has never worked for the show: Faith Stowers lasted all of one second, and Adam Spott has no personality. Brittany Cartwright may be the only true success story (I consider LaLa Kent and James Kennedy to be foundational characters, but you could make the case for them as part of a new crew, too.) According to Hollywood Life, one new addition will be Scheana Marie’s best friend Janet Elizabeth, who co-hosts her podcast Sheananigans. Solid plug. This is Janet:


A source told Hollywood Life:

Vanderpump Rules has a ton of new people coming in, but another main person who was added is Janet Elizabeth. She was brought in by Scheana and seems to always have Scheana’s back on things and supports her fully. They’ve been friends for years and she’s one of Scheana’s best friends. Janet has been filming a lot with everyone and has been at everything. She was brought in to give Scheana an ally in the group.”

That… checks out. Jax Taylor, on the other hand, thinks the addition of these randos is wack. “I’ve only hung out with one of them; the other ones are extremely young, very naive to the whole situation,” he told the tabloid. “To me, some of them seem a little thirsty.”

I’m sure they are, but to be frank, so is everyone on this show. That’s the beauty of it.

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