(Very) Little Bit Country At Country Music Awards

The 44th annual Academy Of Country Music Awards were held at the Vegas MGM Grand, and it showed: we’re not asking for country hair, here, just that Reba, Nicole, Miley et al bring the joie!

The Good:

The Flawless Taylor Swift does it again!

Jessica Harps Husband’s zebra stripes are one of the few innovations of the evening!

Has Jennifer Love Hewitt been rocking this neckline since Last Summer? Sure. But she looks pretty!

The Bad:

Elvira Kidman over here brings the goth to country…?

When I said I missed glitz, I was thinking more Nashville. Kellie Pickler was thinking Vegas! Appropriately, sigh.

We’re hard on Miley, and I do wanna give the kid a break…but she has to dress like a kid! Not that this wouldn’t be lovely on a woman.

Note to Hollywood, Emily West: adding random black straps to a gown doesn’t help it.

Heidi Newfield also ran with the Vegas thing.

[Images via Getty.]

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