Viva Italia In Milan's Front Row


Everyone knows that at Fashion Week, half the action’s off-runway in the front row. And in Milan, that’s doubly true.

Let’s start off with a, ahem, bang. Anna Dello Russo, at Iceberg, is ready for a return to Oz.

Francesca Senette, meanwhile, goes for classic Italian luxe.

Valeria Solarino, at Byblos, takes “metallics” to its inevitable and horrifying conclusion.

This gentleman is James Goldstein. I’d say something about the fur trend, but I’m guessing this isn’t a one-time look. This right here represents either the glory or tragedy of Fashion Week.

Guendalina Canessa at — surprise, surprise — Cavalli.

Cavalli likes his snakeskin. And his ruffles. And his — or your — boobs. Perhaps it’s no shock that all three should merge on Chiara Tortorella.

Melba Ruffo, straight off of a Fellini set at Armani.

Why yes, that is Tina Turner totally rocking it at Armani!

Fiammetta Cicogna shows off Missoni’s latest — a flower-child spin on the classic.

Donatella Finocchiaro in Emporio Armani — Milan all the way.

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