Wait, Does Hillary Clinton Have a Likability Problem? 


An article posted today by poll-humping politics site The Hill raised a totally new and interesting question about the Clinton campaign.

According to The Hill, Clinton allies are concerned about one thing and one thing only, and wait for it, because this is going to blow you away like a freaking tornado: it’s “her likability problem in the general election.” Let’s dig in:

“Her challenge remains the same as it always has been — show voters who she is and reveal the person beneath the candidate,” said Julian Zelizer, a professor of history and public policy at Princeton University. “To win people’s trust and to generate enthusiasm, she has to let some of her character come out.”
“She has so many qualifications: experience, knowledge, partisan skill,” Zelizer said, adding that the likability factor “is what she needs to work on.”

You could read the rest of the article, or you could just skim a sample of the infinite similar headlines on google.com and get the gist:

We’ve written about this on Jezebel, too, though not in a serious way—because, particularly with all the incredibly likable GOP candidates to consider, who actually gives a shit?

Next up in news about Hillary: did you guys know that she loves being a grandmother?

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