Want to Contact Your Horrible Ex? Let This Fantasy App Torture You Out of It With Nickelback 


A fun thing to do, if you’re newly single/want to ruin your day, is looking up your ex online, staring at their profile, and hoping that they’ll feel the subliminal messages you’re sending them to come back. But what if there was an app that stopped that? And what if that app played Nickelback until you stopped looking?

While this app exists only in the brilliant minds of comedy duo Moll&Rell, someone who understands both the power of Nickelback and classical conditioning should really jump on this idea and charge mega bucks for it. I would have killed to have an app like this when I was in my early 20s. I’d even enable in-app purchases just to make the pain worse. And I don’t even pay for Farmville (anymore)!

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