Watch Jane the Virgin's Rogelio Finally Confront His Nemesis Britney Spears


Monday night’s episode of Jane the Virgin was pretty intense: Jane, Michael and Rafael continued to play their relatively boring game of “who will get Jane even though she’s like a month out from having a baby and would probably be too exhausted to even think about getting into a relationship,” Petra dealt with her relationship to Milos, and Alba tried to tackle her U.S. Citizenship. But to counter all that serious drama, Britney Spears turned up!

As was teased earlier, Britney played “herself” during this episode, which meant her excessively stilted and high-pitched acting voice was in full effect. She and Rogelio were apparently former friends who got into a fight over a teleprompter appearance gone awry at an awards show. Only later in the episode did they make up, when they figured out that Britney had merely been accidentally retaliating for the time Rogelio called the paparazzi on the two of them during a shopping expedition. Their tiff was highly amusing, mostly because of how many Britney songs the Jane the Virgin writers managed to work into the script, but also because of this.

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