Watch the Audience of The Real Scream with Excitement Over Free Vag Wash


In a moment reminiscent of (but far less understandable than) when the Tyra Banks got her audience riled up over free Vaseline, here’s a clip of the hosts of The Real getting their audience real riled up over some free feminine hygiene products.

During a segment about “down-there skincare” (which, yes, originally aired in May, but I caught it in reruns today and its impact was just as strong as it had ever been), Adrienne Bailon walked The Real’s audience through the tips and tricks of making sure their vaginas and other parts are properly cared for. After explaining that it’s better to sleep without underwear on and talking about how cotton is the way to go, Bailon touted Vagisil’s Sensitive Plus Wash as the solution to irritation in the area.

“After all, think about it; you don’t want to use the same wash down-there that you use on your elbow,” she said, adding, “Alright ladies, can we all agree that we must take care of our lady parts!?”

“Because Vagisil cares so much about all of you guys and your down-there skincare,” Bailon went on to say, “everyone in the audience is going home with their own plush spa robe and Vagisil wash.” Cue the audience FREAKING out, ala Oprah’s favorite things, as Bailon directed them to the show’s website: “And while you’re there, also find information on how you can get more from your wash, and better intimate health with Vagisil.”

The full clip was made available to watch above by Vagisil on their YouTube page.

Coincidentally, commercial breaks during this episode featured multiple ads for Vagisil products.


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