Watch the Sexy Trailer for Zoolander 2, Explained By 'Stephen Hawking'


The shoo-in for 2016’s Best Picture Oscar, Zoolander 2, has received an existential trailer narrated by “Stephen Hawking,” soundtracked by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and starring Derek Zoolander. It poses the question: What is is? And: Is is God?

More importantly, does God fuck up a catwalk like Ben Stiller? Is “Blue Steel” an evolutionary trait? Is nature a vindictive bastard for allowing non-Derek Zoolander people to walk this earth? If there are alien life forms out there, are they hot? (Martians: would u?) And what does “relax, don’t do it, when you wanna go to it” even fucking mean?

These questions and more will be answered in the harrowing, turn-on-a-dime drama based on true life events, 2oolander, aka Zoolander 2, winner of Best Picture, Best Director, Best Sequel, Best Costume Design, and Hottest Models at Cans.

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