Watch These Second Graders React to Tasting the World's Finest Food

In an attempt to introduce small children to the joys of eating eel (“no, it’s a snake”) and “orange stuff,” New York City restaurant Daniel invited a whole group of them to nosh on fish eggs and “little forests” of arugula that would normally cost $220. Their reactions, unsurprisingly, are priceless.

Before anyone gets too upset about the fact that the food is being wasted on children who can’t understand it or that they’re causing a ruckus, I must inform you that the restaurant seems to be closed, so unless empty chairs at empty tables can object to kids eating dumplings that argument is invalid. As for kids not liking eel, well, how are they going to learn if they don’t try at a young age? Let them try some new foods and be happy.

The only hiccup was when chef Daniel Boulud asked the kids which course was their favorite. The kids, of course, chose dessert (it does look amazing) which prompted Boulud to try to get them to admit they liked the pasta he made, too. Not caviar, not raw tuna, and not paprika encrusted ribeyes with lightly disturbed pumpkin frittata sauce that’s been disappointed until it’s turned into an agitated cream. Pasta. The kids’ response? “Ehhhhhh.”

Best-laid plans, huh? Still adorable.

Image via New York Times.

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