Watch This Dickhead Issue a Non-Apology to Jennifer Livingston: 'Sorry If I Hurt Your Feelings'


Fat-shamer and real life Greenberg Kenneth Krause has finally issued an apology to Jennifer Livingston, the LaCrosse reporter who Krause thinks is just too fat for TV. And by “issued an apology,” what we really mean is that he apologized in that classically frustrating “sorry if you were hurt by that totally reasonable thing I said” way. What a charmer!

Cornered in a parking lot by an ABC reporter, the previously unrepentant Krause had this to say:

“If Jennifer’s offended, I truly apologize to Jennifer. That’s the last thing I ever wanted to do.”

But, guys! Before we all rush to point out that there’s no way concern-trolling a stranger’s body to his or her face could be taken as inoffensive, Krause wants you to know that his comments come from a place near and dear to his heart:

“I was obese as a child. I’ve been fighting with that all my life.”

Aw. And isn’t this sweet: Krause, who still thinks Livingston needs to lose weight, has volunteered to help her lose those unsightly pounds himself. THANKS, KEN. I’m sure Jennifer will be calling you any minute now.

‘Bully’ Viewer ‘Never Meant to Hurt’ Overweight TV Anchor Jennifer Livingston [ABC News]

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