Watch This Mouse Decorate the Hell Out of a Christmas Tree


It’s a MOUSE decorating a CHRISTMAS TREE.

And just in case you’re about to go out and buy all the mice and start yourself a for real* rodent infestation, please read this interview from their trainer Marina:

I find it important to note that mouse training is not as easy as it may seem in my videos. Unfortunately, some people spontaneously buy a mouse after seeing my videos and then are disappointed. Mice are highly sensitive, so you don’t just need background knowledge about positive animal training, but also much empathy for the feelings of the mice.
Only balanced and happy mice are trainable, and a mouse that has to spend its life alone in a 10 gallon tank will be chronically stressed. So the prerequisite for mouse training is species-appropriate keeping. Mice are highly social and must live in groups and in proper sized cages with enough enrichment. Their sensitivity and their nocturnal nature makes them unsuitable for children. They are demanding pets, not least because of their intelligence.

I still kinda want one. Is mouse lady the new cat lady?? It is if I have anything to say about it!! JK NEVER; but if you’re looking for a way to keep mice out of herself, might I suggest anything peppermint smelling. They hate it for some reason! I evicted some mice using it last year and it went super well. They now live with my neighbors and we have a 227 situation going on where they yell out the window at me and I pretend I can’t hear them. Good times.

*for realLY ADORABLE (??)

[h/t Vegansaurus]

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