We Cooked Antoni Porowski's Food and Somehow It Wasn't Terrible


Antoni Porowski, noted food expert and fourth-best member of Queer Eye’s Fab Five, is leaning into his newfound role as culinary expert and chef. Antoni in the Kitchen, released today, is his first attempt to establish some sort of reputation as actual food expert: a cookbook featuring recipes near and dear to Antoni’s heart, for the hapless home cooks of America. Jezebel has tracked Antoni’s questionable culinary skills from the beginning, staying on this beat with rigor, making sure to leave no stone unturned in our quest to answer the question of whether or not Antoni really can cook.

In October 2018, Clover Hope, Hazel Cills, and I took ourselves to a dry, cauliflower-forward dinner at Antoni’s recently-opened restaurant, the Village Den. A few short months later, after we learned that Antoni would be producing a cookbook, seemingly full of recipes, in an attempt to prove once and for all that he can cook, we knew what we had to do. I’m pleased to report that no one perished during the cooking or consumption of Porowoski’s recipes. I’m also (sort of) happy to report that all the food we cooked and then ate was good. Life is full of surprises.

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