We May Be Getting a TV Show About Ford Models Founder Eileen Ford

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Eileen Ford, the legendary head of Ford Models and a woman who drastically altered the modeling industry, could be getting her own television series.

Deadline reports that Sony TV has optioned the forthcoming biography of Ford’s life by Robert Lacey, Model Woman: Eileen Ford and the Business of Beauty, which will be published this summer, with the intent of turning it into an hour-long series. Interestingly, it’ll be written and executive produced by KJ Steinberg, the creator of the incredibly campy Mistresses.

Ford’s own life wasn’t exactly the stuff of drama: she grew up wealthy and was married to the same man, Jerry Ford, with whom she founded Ford Models, for over 50 years. But she was intimately involved with some of famous models of all time (she’s pictured above with Cheryl Tiegs on her right), and many lived with her when they were just starting out, which sounds like excellent TV. Plus, her longstanding rivalry with the founder of the modeling agency Elite, John Casablancas, was highly contentious and she certainly rubbed shoulders with numerous fashion designers. If this series ever comes to pass, think of all the excitement just casting alone will bring. Who will play young Christy Turlington? Christie Brinkley? Naomi Campbell? (The last one was a trick question; Naomi Campbell will always play Naomi Campbell at every age.)

Image via Marty Lederhandler/AP

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