Weird Scratching Noise in Woman's Head Turns Out to Be Brain-Maggots


Following a trip to Peru, a British woman went to the doctor with what she thought was an ear infection. She just couldn’t shake this strange scratching noise inside her head. When doctors investigated her ear canal, they found something unusual—IT WAS JUST A BUNCH OF MAGGOTS IN HER BRAIN FEASTING ON HER MEMORIES.

Via Death and Taxes:

Before she got her ear checked, she had more than a few clues that there was something more serious than an ear infection happening. During her trip, she remembered dislodging a fly from her ear. She was also getting regular headaches and pains on one side of her face, and she’d occasionally wake up with her pillow wet from a liquid that leaked from her ear.

Sure, sure. Waking up to a pillow soaked with maggot juice? In my house we call that “Tuesday”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The doctors first attempted to flush out the maggots with olive oil. After that failed, they resorted to surgery, removing a total of eight maggots from her head. Harris explains,
“It was the longest few hours that I have ever had to wait… I could still feel them and hear them and knowing what those scratching sounds were, and knowing what that wriggling feeling was, that just made it all the worse.”


It’s cool, you guys. I was just thinking that heads are overrated. I mean, what IS a head, anyway? Just a dumb meat-hat for your neck! And a vending machine for maggots! I’LL BE OVER HERE NOT WEARING A HEAD AGAIN EVER. YOU CAN HAVE MY SHIT, MOMBI. I’M OUT.

Image via dabjola/Shutterstock.

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