Welcome to ROYGBIV, Jezebel's Spin-Off Blog for LGBT+ News and Commentary

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Welcome to ROYGBIV, Jezebel’s new spin-off blog for news, commentary, and discussion of LGBT+ topics. Jezebel has always had a tradition of covering LGBT+ topics, but for the first time there is a dedicated section of the website just for covering these issues. Given the majority North American audience, ROYGBIV will have a decidedly North American slant, and probably will be pretty Americentric in general due to recent laws and court cases dealing with the legal consequences of the unconstitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act. However, other areas of the world will also be covered.

ROYGBIV (and other sites under the “Recruits” program, like Ubertrout’s Kitchenette) has been in the works for a few months but is a test case and will depend on getting noticed in order to stick around. Ultimately, ROYGBIV’s continued existence requires being shared, discussed, analysed, dissected, disagreed with, celebrated, torn apart, and all the fun stuff that comes with being popular on the internet.

I, Kat Callahan (nee Kyosuke), will serve as the editor and (for the moment?) main writer on ROYGBIV. Despite the North American bias, there will also be a bias towards what’s going on in Japan because I am located in the Tokyo Regional Area and navigate Japanese perceptions of, attitudes towards, and laws concerning LGBT people (“sexual minorities”) in Japan.

I can be reached for tips or for feedback @JezebelKat on Twitter.

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