Well, Olivia Munn and John Mulaney Are Having a Baby…!

I’m thrilled for any couple that decides to have a child, but I'm raising half an eyebrow at the timeline of this relationship

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Well, Olivia Munn and John Mulaney Are Having a Baby…!
Image:Tibrina Hobson (Getty Images)

Well, well, well, what do we have here? Ah, yes, John Mulaney and Olivia Munn, two people who have loved each other publicly since May and privately since who knows, I can’t really be sure, are having a freakin’ baby?

On an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Mulaney recounted the whirlwind year he’s had, starting with his stint in rehab, his breakup with his wife, Anna Marie Tendler, a relapse, another stint in rehab and then, like a breath of fresh air, a move to Los Angeles and a relationship with Olivia Munn. And now, a baby.

Imagine that!

Given what we know about this relationship, this tracks? Please recall that in May, shortly after news of their love broke, the scamps at Just Jared dug around and found evidence of Munn’s “fangirling” over Mulaney circa 2015. Though at the time I was convinced that this was nothing more than a coincidence, I did suspect that there was a hint of the long game at play. I’m thrilled for any couple that decides to have a child, but I am merely raising half an eyebrow at the timeline of this relationship, as it has seemed both fast and furious.

Love is a complicated thing in these complicated times, I suppose, and so what might make sense to two people inside a couple can easily seem completely nonsensical to everyone else. That’s not quite an indictment of their relationship, but it is merely an OBSERVATION about some TIMING that seems a bit sus. Thank you. Congratulations to the happy couple. [Page Six]

OK, even though Page Six clocked that Kylie Jenner was pregnant in August, and many a wily young adult on TikTok used their investigative journalism skills to piece this together, we couldn’t really say for sure whether it was true. But now the news has been issued forth from the lips of Kris Jenner’s spawn, who’s confirmed it.

Here’s Kylie Jenner’s highly stylized and edited Instagram video announcing her pregnancy. Please note that she masterfully blocks the ClearBlue label on the pee stick, so that we are clear that this is NOT sponsored content for ClearBlue.

This video is so well-produced that I am convinced it is B-roll from the Kardashians’ forthcoming Hulu arrangement, though there are no details to suggest that, just a speculation on my part, nothing to see here! Anyway, congrats (I guess!)

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