We're All Gonna Watch This Documentary About Good Dogs


If you didn’t already have or desire to bring a dog into your life, get ready to fantasize about becoming a pet owner. Netflix has announced an upcoming docuseries on the incredible bond between humans and their furry canine friends. Yes, please manipulate my emotions.

The aptly titled Dogs focuses on six stories, according to Variety, including the story of the people who run “a sanctuary deep in the Costa Rican rainforest that houses thousands of dogs to keep them from living on the streets,” which I would like to go to someday. In a perfect world, that would be this weekend.

You look outside the window and see democracy crumbling and the global world order shifting and even Sam’s Club is becoming a “lynchpin” of “innovation strategy.” That’s certainly bad, but dogs are always good, and as someone who doesn’t have a dog, I will content myself with watching several hours of footage of other people with dogs, as all my friends in New York have cats. Maybe this documentary will change their minds.

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