What Are Your Favorite Kitchen Tools and Gadgets?


It’s time to spill: What are your secret weapons in the kitchen? Best baking dish? Spectacular spatula? Perfect pan?

Below, let’s compile an awesome giant list of all the best kitchen supplies. Knives, pans, dishes, glassware, serving spoons — anything goes. Also — it doesn’t have to be something you own! It can be something you’ve got your eye on or dream of having someday. Completely insane/expensive/unaffordable/aspirational items are okay, but we’d much prefer a shoppable list of affordable things for sale right now.


1. Kitchen/cooking/dining items only. If you want a G6, that goes in another post.

2. Please don’t leave regular/direct comments on this post. Shopping submissions only! You can, however, comment on the submissions.

3. Items should be available online. We want to buy your Star of David Bundt pan! Give us the link!

4. Avoid duplicates. If someone posts the same All-Clad pan you SWEAR by, please avoid making a second entry for it. Instead, just chime in beneath their comment.

5. Follow this format for your entries:


Description of item, price, link to/name of retailer.

Additional notes.


Tovolo Perfect Cube Ice Tray, $8.99 for set of 2, Sur La Table

Even when I had a refrigerator that made ice, I kept a few of these trays in my freezer. I just love a real squared cube! The trays are flexible so it’s easy to pop the cubes out, and cocktails just look classier with square cubes. Cubes, guys. It’s all about cubes. Crushed ice is okay for sodas. Oblong is meh. CUBES .

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