What Happened At Vegas Should Have Stayed In Vegas


Vegas Magazine‘s 7th Anniversary Party, at Surrender Nightclub at Encore, was about what you’d expect from a staid, Sunday-night fete: Kardashians, sequins, a satin suit, and a strange lack of sleeves…

One can accuse Kim Kardashian of many things, but not of failing to wear an absolutely hideous frock to the Vegas 7th anniversary party.

Kim and Kourtney obviously coordinated the asymmetry. Or maybe both were forced to come to the aid of a wounded traveler on the way and needed to make bandages out of their sleeves, in which case this is heroic.

Vegas Magazine editor-in-chief Kate Bennett channels early Ver-sace.

This is the mag’s publisher, Joe Vann. Which does not explain why he’s in a satin suit.

“Television personality and model” Laura Croft does Tammy Wynette hair, Bobby Trendy drapes.

Why, it’s visionary choreographer, Pussycat Doll-maker and sexyface maven Robin Antin! In Vegas, this sort of frock qualifies as both “effortless” and “versatile.”

[Images via Getty.]

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