What Is It With Beer Commercials And Skirts?


Once again: We know women drink beer. We know there is no inherent connection between machismo and beer. So why can’t beer companies figure out how to market their product that doesn’t feature a little upskirt?

The latest entries in the race to the bottom of denigrating “girliness:” Miller Lite‘s new “macho” commercials telling a man to take off his skirt or lose the purse. Let’s put aside for just an instant the intentional sexism of this trope. How about the fact that “getting rid of the skirt” was just done by this FloTV Super Bowl commercial? I guess no one ever tried to argue that commercialized misogyny was original.

Then there’s this “viral” video that Coors has foisted on the Internet, a parody of the Tiger Woods hackeysack commercial.

But will people remember the obvious awesomeness of Coors after a few seconds of girls in miniskirts with golf clubs? Doesn’t look like they care!

Coors Light Brings Pleated Plaid To The Golf Course [Adrants]

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