What Lady Gaga's Versace Ads Look Like Without Photoshop


Lady Gaga’s much-heralded ad campaign for Versace for Spring 2014 (and friendship with Donatella) launched several months ago. Now photos from the shoot that appear to not have been retouched have leaked online.

Via the website Gaga Fresh Online, there were originally four photos available, though six more have since been added. The finalized images look like they’ve been color corrected and that the contrast has been upped considerably to give them that glossy Versace feel. Gaga’s makeup and wig have also been punched up and some bruising on her knees was removed. Her arms appear slimmer in the final product.

In this one, Gaga is wearing a top that didn’t make it into the final campaign (though the bottoms did).

In this shot, the bruising on her knees is very visible.

Her wig is one-tone and pretty yellow-blonde. In the ads, the roots have been played up, presumably to make it look like real hair, and the color overall was turned a white-blonde.

In general, Gaga’s makeup looks very minimal in all these shots. She’s wearing a very pale lip, which was pinkened in the final shot, and blush has been added.

Here are the final ads, for comparison:

Images via Gaga Fresh Online and Mert and Marcus for Versace

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