What the Hell Happened on Watch What Happens Live! Last Night?


Watch What Happens Live, which started out, I have to assume, as Andy Cohen’s vanity project, has become a fairly entertaining late-night program due to Cohen’s willingness to make his guests uncomfortable, a clever array of party games and lots and lots of booze.

Alcohol was front and center last night as Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and LeAnn Rimes’ eskimo sister Brandi Glanville appeared with fellow Bravolebrity Jeff Lewis, who you might know as that neurotic interior decorator with the fake lips.

For a bit of context: On last night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Brandi threw a glass of wine at fellow cast member Eileen Davidson’s face for a stupid reason that can only be explained through a drunk person’s thought process.

Back on Watch What Happens Live, things went south after Lewis made a not that funny joke about Brandi having an STD. Brandi initially brushed the joke aside, but following a break, Brandi brought up the joke again and then threw her glass of wine at Jeff Lewis.

Jeff seemed genuinely surprised because he claims that the two were joking around during the commercial break and Brandi didn’t seem at all upset. Brandi then proceeded to break down in tears live television, turning her chair around and asking to “take five” even though she quite clearly could not take five, because they were on live television.

Brandi later tweeted that the whole thing was “a prank.”

I do not believe this for the simple reason that there’s no way Brandi is a good enough actress to cry on command like that. Also, during the after show, Brandi and Jeff talked things through and eventually made up. If it were a prank, what the hell was the point of that?

Brandi’s whole schtick on the show is to be the no-holds-barred, hot firecracker who drinks wine like it’s water and never stops talking about her cheating ex-husband. She is that friend who you love going out with, but know there’s a 50/50 chance she’ll end the night crying on the street, shoeless, so you sort of just have to take the chance.

Brandi seems very aware that she needs to play this role in order to stay on the show, largely because she doesn’t have money and opulent lifestyles that the rest of the women have. I understand that and, let’s be real, homegirl’s gotta pay the bills, but at what point is looking like an unhinged, fillers-addicted Barbie kinda not worth it? Brandi, for better or worse, has yet to find that tipping point.

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