What Your Life In Nigella Lawson's House Might Look Like


…if, that is, you have £36 million hanging about and don’t mind feuding with really posh neighbors! Either way, Nigella’s food porn comes with real-estate porn.

There have been reports of unpleasantness between the Lawson-Saatchis (Nieglla is married to the reclusive art-collector Charles) and renovating upstairs neighbors for a while now: apparently Saatchi went so far as to personally dismantle some scaffolding that was getting on his nerves. (Okay, he paid some people to do it, but it was still on him.) When neighbors (the same or others, we’re not sure) announced plans for a large-scale renovation on their Eaton Square home, the domestic gods apparently decided they couldn’t take any more and have put their manse on the market. Naturally, it’s enormous — an apartment made up of the ground floors and basements of two adjacent mews houses that have been combined — and in one of London’s most rareified addresses. Presumably there’s also a workable kitchen.

Eaton Square, also home to Andrew Lloyd Weber and, at one time, Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh, is, says the Telegraph, the “Mount Olympus of London squares.”

The late, lamented House and Garden once gave us a glimpse of Nigella’s library. This is exactly what your life will be like if you lived in this house, obviously.

Sadly, they’ll probably take this with them.

It’s hard to know which is her “real” kitchen, since she actually shoots in South London, but…this is really nice.

And this ain’t bad either.

(NB: the anticipated renovations involve digging some enormous basement, so if that’s a problem for you, you may want to save the $50 mil for a rainy day. There are also occasional activist squatters. And we’re not sure a shark in formaldehyde comes with the house.)

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