Where Were You When You First Found Out Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson Broke Up?

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Where Were You When You First Found Out Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson Broke Up?

Were you the sort of person who’d cut Rachel Bilson photos out of copies of Teen Vogue and paste her on your collage moldboards, or the sort who’d plaster your walls with pictures of Adam Brody? I’m somewhat ashamed to admit I was much more the latter. When my mom would ask me why, I’d explain that I thought he was a “really good actor.” What I left unsaid, of course, was that one day we’d ride around on a motorcycle and get married on the beach. Looking back, I now realize the truth—I’d much rather have had a farm wedding instead!

Anyway, when Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody broke up in 2006, it was maybe the worst day in many people’s lives. This was before anyone learned about object permanence, and that television characters are not real people, of course. Rachel Bilson, thankfully, has spent the greater part of her career apologizing to people for splitting with Brody, who’s since moved on with legendary Gossip Girl actress Leighton Meester. (Blair and Dan forever!) Take this In Style post on Instagram, which shared one writer’s story of heartbreak and deception post-breakup. Instead of cruelly ignoring a fan’s pain, Bilson responded: “I’m sorry! He fared really well.”

Ironically, everyone soon learned just how terrible The O.C. really was after Bilson and Brody split, and moved on to sunnier prospects over with the Gossip Girl cast. (I still have my 8th grade binder with Blair cutouts behind the plastic cover.) Brody, of course, soon followed, and has been married to Meester since 2014.

Do you think there’s an alternate universe where Bilson and Brody found their way back to each other, and Meester was the one apologizing for breaking the poor dude’s heart? Probably. But in that universe, Meester likely never released her widely known and adored hit song “Heartstrings.” Seems like Meester and the rest of us are living in the best possible timeline!

Would I read Meghan Markle’s blog? She seems to think so—and I’d probably agree with her. Multiple sources have informed Us Weekly that she is planning to relaunch some variation of The Tig, her defunct lifestyle site that shuttered after her engagement to Prince Harry. It also appears she will be writing a cookbook, and maybe even “developing a kitchenware line.” Sure!

Sources also claim she is looking to have another child, which seems obvious. According to Us Weekly, “Meghan has heaps of projects in the works.” I believe it! But about that cookbook—what exactly would her angle be? Cooking like a royal? California girl in big ol’ Britain? Wholesome vegan fair for good skin and healthy living? I feel like it’s some combination of the three, but again, the lady hasn’t even given an interview in the entire time she’s been back stateside. Who the hell knows what’s going on in that big, scheming brain of hers? Probably quite a bit, and I’m sure she’ll make heaps of money no matter what she does. Godspeed, Meghan! [Us Weekly]

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