Which Romantic Comedy Cliche Are You?

The most unintentionally hilarious part of any women’s magazine is the stupid monthly quiz that celebrates obvious stereotypes and cliches. So what better way to spend a Saturday than to make one of our own?

Question 1: When someone you’re attracted to passes you by, you:

  • A: Wonder how Aretha Franklin’s lyrics apply to this situation
  • B: Instantly start crying, because they’ll never measure up to your first love.
  • C: Run after them screaming, “Hey baby! You know you want some of THIS!”
  • D: Roll your eyes and get back to your powerful magazine editing job.
  • E: Instantly head to the MAC counter

Question 2: You’re attending a wedding in three days. You think to yourself:

  • A: I wonder who the DJ is?
  • B: Weddings are a sham put on by people who don’t believe in REAL love
  • C: I should buy the sluttiest dress I can and hope that the bartender knows how to make a good Cosmo!
  • D: I hope I can bring my laptop to the reception so I can concentrate on my powerful magazine editing job
  • E: I hope Stacey and Clinton call me back before then!

Question 3: It’s Your Birthday! You’re going to celebrate by:

  • A: Getting your dancing shoes on….and then dancing around your apartment
  • B: Go out with that guy you’ve been dating for 5 years who is perfectly nice but not, you know, your REAL love
  • C: Chippendales first, the club second, drunken shenanigans third, and who cares what happens after that?
  • D: Celebrating birthdays is a waste of time and energy that interferes with your powerful magazine editing job
  • E: Going on a whirlwind shopping spree with someone who is more attractive, and therefore better, than you are

Question 4: Your dream date would be:

  • A: Someone who knows how to give me R-E-S-P-E-C-T!
  • B: Reliving that time in 9th grade when Bryan kissed you by the swingset you both grew up near
  • C: Dating is for losers! I just want to get drunk and get laid! Woo! Cosmos!!! Shoooooes!!!
  • D: I’d like to meet someone who will sit silently by while I work on my powerful magazine editing job
  • E: Someone who loves me for who I am. Or at least who I am under 80 pounds of makeup.

Question 5: In the end, the love you take is equal to:

  • A: Wait, wait, I know that song!
  • B: The love that was taken from me 15 years ago by my REAL love
  • C: Perfectly acceptable, as long as you wear protection and get him to buy you some shoes
  • D: I don’t know. But it certainly isn’t equal to my powerful magazine editing job.
  • E: Approximately $4298 worth of hair and beauty products

So which romantic comedy cliche are you? We’ll announce the results in a new post shortly.

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