White Claw Can't Keep Up With the Hype

White Claw Can't Keep Up With the Hype
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If you’ve been to a barbecue with a couple of young, urban professionals this summer, you may have noticed them sipping on some White Claws. The low-calorie, hard seltzer brand is trendy as hell, inspiring a flurry of stories about what the hard seltzer popularity really means. Is it because millennials are more flexibly sober these days? Is it because they don’t buy beer anymore and beer is dead? Is it because bros love it and therefore no longer feel a weird sense of masculinity-induced insecurity drinking anything that isn’t a Bud? But the philosophical debate really doesn’t matter, since this country is currently running out of White Claws.

CNN reports that there is a national shortage of White Claws in America. Good god! The senior vice president of marketing told the outlet, “We are working around the clock to increase supply given the rapid growth in consumer demand.” They better work, bitch, because a lot of people incapable of mixing liquor with seltzer are going to be pissed!

Personally, I’ve had a few White Claws and I like them, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy them for a party. I have low expectations for canned mixed drinks and so if I have one and it doesn’t taste like a Lime-A-Rita I’m pleasantly surprised and happy. My take is that the low calorie count is what’s bringing people to the drink, because perhaps it can fit neatly into everyone’s weird diet these days. Grab one while they still exist, folks.

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