White Evangelicals Love Trump Now More Than Ever Before

White Evangelicals Love Trump Now More Than Ever Before

It’s going to take a lot—something on global pandemic levels, perhaps—to get white Evangelicals to abandon President Trump. In fact, they have more faith in him now than they did back in 2016.

The Guardian reports that two-thirds of white Evangelicals believe that “their side” is “winning” according to a new Pew Research Center survey.

From The Guardian:

In May 2016, six months before he was elected, 23% of white evangelical Protestants said their side was winning politically, rising to 36% two years ago, and 63% last month.
More than eight in 10 said the Trump administration “fights for what I believe in” either very or fairly well. But markedly fewer – 61% – said the phrase “morally upstanding” described the president very or fairly well.
“Even among this strongly supportive constituency, most do not view Trump as a very religious, honest or morally upstanding person,” said the report.

Sixty-three percent of those surveyed claimed that having a president who “personally lives a moral, ethical life” is very important to them, but that’s clearly grandstanding because neither of those things describes Trump’s life, and never have. Either that, or being a womanizing racist who demonizes immigrants and wields control over a political party that is still keen on denying Americans basic health needs during a pandemic is actually at the top of the white evangelical wish list… and it very well may be. As long as Trump supports restricting abortion access props up fundamentalists in the federal health sector, white Evangelicals are A-OK with him.

The survey also revealed that one in 20 American adults and 13 percent of white evangelicals believe that “God chose Trump because God approves of Trump’s policies.”

When’s that giant asteroid supposed to hit again?

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