Who Are the 13 People Who Saw Kevin Spacey's Billionaire Boys Club on Opening Day?


Kevin Spacey’s new film Billionaire Boys Club made $126–as in one hundred and twenty-six dollarson its opening day, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Based on their estimate off the average ticket price of $9.27, that’s a total of 13 people who saw the film in all of the eight theaters which played this thing domestically on Friday. Even by THR’s optimistic projections for the entire opening weekend, an average of less than six people will have shown up at each theater.

The Guardian reports that it’s the last film Spacey made before multiple allegations of sexual assault surfaced against him last fall. It is unclear whether the combination of the words “Kevin Spacey billionaire boys club” had something to do with it.

Scotland Yard and the Los Angeles district attorney are looking into a few of the cases, among which are several accusations of assault and advances made on teens.

Distributor Vertical Entertainment describes Spacey’s as a “small, supporting role” in the film, although he’s prominently hyped in the trailer, which came out in June. (The image of “ACADEMY AWARD WINNER KEVIN SPACEY” holding court at a crystal-and-mahogany table is a bit much, IMO.) “In the end, we hope audiences make up their own minds as to the reprehensible allegations of one person’s past, but not at the expense of the entire cast and crew present on this film,” they said in a statement.

It’s possible that director James Cox and the producers could have avoided this (albeit with a massive cash injection), as Ridley Scott demonstrated when he pulled back All the Money in the World two days before its release date and secured an extra $10 million to replace Spacey with Christopher Plummer, reportedly mustering the team together to travel to Italy and the U.K. and get 400 new shots. You do have to feel kind of bad for co-star Billie Lourd, who is a joy, and the cast and film crew who are more casualties of bad men.

But does the world really need another drama glorifying real-life Ponzi schemes by rich assholes?

Moreover, who are you, the one person who went to the AMC Deer Valley 16 in Antioch, California? Write me!

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